Please NOTE that this addin is no longer needed, because Visual Studio now has built in support in the Server Explorer for Azure. This project is kept in Codeplex for those who want to look at the code. The last version was compiled for Visual Studio 2010 beta 2.

This is an attempt to learn something of SQL Azure and VS2010 Extensions development by creating an SQL Azure Explorer Extension/Addin for Visual Studio 2010, even though Microsoft will probably provide such a tool eventually, this is for learning and having some programming fun.

Version 0.2.3

No new features, just a quick fix to get the title/caption of the explorer tool window correct. Sorry about that.

Version 0.2.2

This version works for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. No new features.

Version 0.2.1

Version 0.2.1 is the same as 0.2.0 except for a small bug fix where users where always listing users from the master database (note to self - never release when you cannot run integration tests for some reason)

New version released with new features for creating and dropping databases, logins and users:


Version 0.1.1

New version released with the same functionality but with better UI performance (async loading of databases, tables etc.). Please download and feedback.


Some of the main features right now is:
  • SQL Azure Explorer which contains:
    • Logins
    • Databases
    • Tables with columns
    • Views with columns
    • Stored procs with parameters
    • Functions with parameters
    • Users
  • Context menues for:
    • Create/drop Database
    • Create/drop Login
    • Create/drop User
    • Open Sql Editor Window
    • Select Top 100 Rows
    • Script as CREATE for all tables, views, stored procs and functions
  • SQL Editor Window with built in:
    • SQL Execute
    • Off line parser
    • Script formatter

Sample Screenshots

Select Top 100 Rows:

SQL Editor:

Script as CREATE:

Formating of SQL:

Getting Started
For some introductory code documentation/explanation and where to start "digging" to get a grasp, look here -> Code Intro

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