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Is SQL Azure Explorer available by default

first post: mysorian wrote: I would like to know if SQL Azure Explorer is available by default ...

Azure Explorer is not visible

first post: susai wrote: I have installed vs2010 and Sql Azure Explorer.Even my extension ma...

latest post: johandanforth wrote: And it seems to work too from what I heard from @grapesfrog.

Does it work with VS2008 SP1?

first post: mysorian wrote: Looks like it is for VS2010.

latest post: mysorian wrote: Thanks.

Feedback & Ideas

first post: johandanforth wrote: A discussion for feedback and ideas you think might be useful, good...

latest post: johandanforth wrote: Hi Mark (I guess it is :)Not sure I understand the prob fully. You ...

Issues connecting to SQL Azure

first post: nickrandolph wrote: I've just downloaded this component but every time I try connecting...

latest post: johandanforth wrote: I don't know about integration/merging of projects, perhaps! This t...

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